Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dinner at Karen and Aaron's with Fred and Kathy Saturday night before flying home on Sunday Posted by Hello

Karen's shower cake Posted by Hello

Karen and her previous boss's wife Kristen at the shower Posted by Hello

Karen and Kristen at baby shower Saturday Posted by Hello

Cousin Larry's home Posted by Hello

Cousin's meeting for the first time Posted by Hello

Cranberry Bog not yet flooded for harvesting but the berries were red Posted by Hello

Copy of the Mayflower... pretty small to carry all of those people and cross the ocean.. Posted by Hello

The Rock! Posted by Hello

Friday we stopped in Plymouth... Posted by Hello

The tower of North Church..."one if by land, two if by sea..." Posted by Hello

Larry and Karen and I painted her baby's nursery on Tuesday... color was too bright... Posted by Hello

We got some flowers for Karen and Aaron's steps and flowerboxes Posted by Hello

Coming out of the woods at the end of the hike to beautiful color Posted by Hello

We hiked the Flume Gorge after crossing this covered bridge Posted by Hello

Monday in New Hampshire.. "Leaf Peeping" Posted by Hello

Sunday after church at the famous Park Street Church in downtown Boston Posted by Hello

Friday, October 01, 2004

Karen's graduation from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts ( short course ) in May  Posted by Hello

These were Boston May, 2004 Chinatown Posted by Hello

Finding my way...

This is definitely a new experience for me... I hope it will be a good way for you all to catch up with us. We all live in different parts of the country and world, and very seldom get to see one another.

Proud Uncle Mark with Karen and B.J. Posted by Hello

Baby shower cake for Karen Posted by Hello