Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 8th ..We have arrived in Oregon for a visit... to celebrate Great Grandma's birthday... So much fun to spend time with Karen and Beck... Posted by Picasa

Let's see, what looks good on the menu... Posted by Picasa

Oh Boy!... Get to play on the slide at Great Grandma's while mom is looking for frames and pictures for the party tomorrow... Posted by Picasa

A helmet left in the yard at Great Grandma's Posted by Picasa

I think I have seen the other kids wearing this...hummmm is this right? Posted by Picasa

Maybe that isn't the right way... let's see... Posted by Picasa

Catching a few winks after playing at Great Grandma's  Posted by Picasa

Juli just brought a fun toy for Beck... to entertain him while everyone works to set up for the celebrations tomorrow Sept. 9th, for Great Grandma Betty... Posted by Picasa

I think Beck likes it! Posted by Picasa

Weeeee it goes fast! Posted by Picasa

See Great Aunt BJ what Juli just gave me... isn't it super?!!! Posted by Picasa

Beck wants to help vacuum... Posted by Picasa

This how you do it Grandpa? Posted by Picasa

Karen got the picture table all set up.. Cooking and food preparation was happening in the kitchen and I was sewing table toppers... Posted by Picasa

Juli and Beck... Posted by Picasa

Grandpa, Grandma and Beck the night before the party... getting ready Posted by Picasa

Grandpa taking some time to play with Beck.. Posted by Picasa

Nice Birthday open house at the church... Mom got to share with friends and family so many stories about the pictures... Good food too!!! Thanks BJ! Posted by Picasa

Looking at the pictures of the past... Posted by Picasa

Happy 80th Birthday Betty!!!! Friends came...  Posted by Picasa

Uncle Keith... where you goin'? So much fun was had by all at the Bar-B-Q at the Fair Grounds... Yummy food and fun sharing and karioke besides... Posted by Picasa

Slap your thighs... keep in time.... Posted by Picasa

Everybody keep up now! Posted by Picasa

Turn yourself about! Posted by Picasa

Put your "uh huh" in, put your.... Posted by Picasa