Friday, March 18, 2005

Mommy and Beck went to visit my Great, Great Aunt Grace...three different times while we were here on the West Coast... Posted by Hello

Grandma is taking every opportunity to hold me... time is running out... Posted by Hello

I loved to be read to and like to talk back to the pictures in the books...mommy is reading the Pokey Little Puppy... Posted by Hello

Playing on Grandpa's lap Posted by Hello

Spending my last day with grandpa... doing some visiting with mommy looking on... Posted by Hello

I'm so glad I got to come visit you grandpa... Posted by Hello

Bye Grandma... I get to see my daddy today! Posted by Hello

Ready to fly back to daddy... Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005

Karen and Beck by the weeping cherry Posted by Hello

Beck all dressed up in the sweater and hat that Grammie Johnson knit for him... looking up at the tree branches and blue sky Posted by Hello

It's Monday and Karen and Beck are soaking up the rays before returning to the snow... Posted by Hello

Here it is Sunday and we are back at Grandpa's house and Beck is telling him all about our trip... Posted by Hello

Megan loves strawberries and cream too!!! Posted by Hello

Oh Boy! Whipped cream on my strawberry shortcake that Grammie Johnson made... YUM! Posted by Hello

Megan showing us how this wonderful tower poll works... weeee... round and round all the way to the ground... Posted by Hello

Auntie Karen sitting with Lucy at the park... she fell asleep on our walk and is covered by Megan's poncho made by grandma MacRill. Posted by Hello

Aunt Karen with Megan on the see-saw at the park Posted by Hello

Lucy looked so cute in the poncho her other grandma made her... we were going for a walk.. Posted by Hello

Megan and Lucy wanted to hold my hands and Megan just looked at me and I talked to her and Lucy checked out my feet... Posted by Hello

Uncle Mike came to visit with me too... nice to hear a guy voice, and I told him lots of stuff Posted by Hello

My mom ( Aunt Karen to the cousin's ) got to play with Megan and Lucy while I was hanging out on the floor too.... Posted by Hello

Lucy came close and said "Hi.. Baby"... it was so cute... Posted by Hello

I got to sit on Megan's lap...Oh Boy! Posted by Hello

My cousins came to see us... so much fun! Auntie Karen is holding me and Megan and Lucy are sitting next to me... Big Day! Posted by Hello

Oh! This is the other hat Grammie brought me... I'm "zoning" as Grandma says... the string that goes under my chin has slipped right in front of my face Posted by Hello