Saturday, April 23, 2005

This is my grandson Beck on his 4 month birthday... is there any reason why I shouldn't think he's the "bestest" grandson in the whole wide world?!!!! I don't think so... Posted by Hello

Went to visit Linda in Mammoth Lakes and this is what we did a number of days so the baby plants could see the light sooner... shoveled snow into the street and drive to melt it faster... Beautiful scenery!!! Posted by Hello

See Linda shovel snow.... See all the new green shoots of the tulips and daffodills trying to do their thing... Anyone want to buy a beautiful Victorian house in Mammoth Lakes? Great place to ski and snow board in the winter and fish and hike and bike in the summer.... Posted by Hello

This is what the street looked like after she and I shovelled the snow piled in her yard and threw it in the street to melt... Posted by Hello

I took Linda a couple of pots of spring flowers to encourage her that she would soon have flowers blooming in her yard... these could only be outside when the sun was shining and taken in every night when the temperature dropped below freezing Posted by Hello

Heather enjoying the new fallen snow Posted by Hello

Storm came through and left 2 to 3 inches... right where it had been clear the night before as well as to the mountains of snow accross the street Posted by Hello

Snow covering my car Posted by Hello

Spring in California... Dogwood blossoms were loaded on the tree and beautiful! Posted by Hello

The apple blossoms were pretty but now they are finished too. Posted by Hello

The lilacs have come and gone... sure smelled wonderful Posted by Hello

This strange plant is blooming now... Posted by Hello