Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Today is July 27! Lucy's 2nd birthday!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!! Love you!!! God Bless You! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jump Lucy! Posted by Picasa

It is warmer on the side of the pool.. Lucy thinks Posted by Picasa

Mike and Megan enjoying the pool at the hotel Posted by Picasa

All gathered in and around the spa... warmer water... Posted by Picasa

Karen and Lucy and Mike... Megan is next to mom on the other side with me out of the picture ... Posted by Picasa

Hey, this isn't so bad... Yum! Posted by Picasa

Beck's first solid food... rice cereal... June 18 Are you sure Mom? Posted by Picasa

Dinner with everyone at Olive Garden... This is Juli and Karen Posted by Picasa

Grandpa and grandson at the hotel as we pack to check out... It's been fun! Posted by Picasa

This is the way to swing... at M and K's church Sunday June 19th... Grandpa has to go back home today... Posted by Picasa

Grandpa enjoying all the grand babies... Posted by Picasa

Yay! Beck gets to swing too! Posted by Picasa

Second cousin Juli holding Beck before she says goodbye... Posted by Picasa

Grandpa getting to push the swings... Except Megan knows how to pump herself so she flies high! Posted by Picasa

Making cookies... guess who loves to lick the beater? Posted by Picasa

Grandpa brought a Tigger carpet for Karen and the girls "had" to try it out with their babies... the two cats were in the picture.. Eddie to the left and Jakey up at the top... escaping... Posted by Picasa

Sisters... Megan and Lucy Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's June 9th and Karen and Beck have arrived on Jet Blue... the only way to fly non stop... had to get up awful early but I was a good boy but mom's tired...that's why we cut her face off...Sorry about that!  Posted by Picasa

Yay! Grandma was so happy to get to hold me... Posted by Picasa

Time to get that diaper changed and grab my legs and stretch out...teething too... Posted by Picasa

Stopped for a sandwich lunch and ate outside.. nice.. Posted by Picasa

Exhausted from a long trip on the airplane..June 9th... Sucking on my tongue to sooth my gums.. Mom and grandma having lunch... Posted by Picasa

Out and about in the stroller... Posted by Picasa

Movie star... incognito? Posted by Picasa