Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Grandma just arrived and is making goofy faces to get Beck to look at the camera... not working... of course Mommy stole the camera and caught this wonderful expression... Oh well! We had fun! Posted by Picasa

Grandma just flew in to visit (6+hours) and we have stopped at Fajitas & 'Ritas in Boston for a bite to eat... drawing around our hand on the restaurant "tablecloth". Beck just loves to flirt with the waitresses Posted by Picasa

It snowed the day after I arrived... Dec. 4th So beautiful but very cold to go outside... nice warm fires inside... It snowed again towards the end of the week too... something about when Grandma comes to visit... of course it could be because it is winter time in New England... Posted by Picasa

Hi Beck! Posted by Picasa

Guess what cupboard Beck has almost emptied all over the kitchen floor... sooooo much fun! Posted by Picasa

Karen's Birthday Dinner at "Not Your Ordinary Joe's" restaurant... Good food... nice of Grandpa to treat... even though he couldn't be there... Posted by Picasa

Sitting on Grandma's lap... Karen got the camera then Beck decided to take Grandma's earring off... fascinating...  Posted by Picasa

Mommy and Beck in front of the tree... Posted by Picasa

Mommy got caught trying to get Beck to look at the camera... making a funny face.. In front of the Christmas tree Posted by Picasa

First time wearing shoes...don't I look spiffy..? Posted by Picasa

I'm almost ready to walk on my own... Posted by Picasa

Happy Thanksgiving week. Mike and Karen and the girls got to come visit for almost a whole week... fun to tromp through the leaves and make noise... Posted by Picasa

We've been around the block a few times... beautiful day.... Posted by Picasa

I'm tired mommy... Lucy says... give me a ride on the scooter pleeeeeze Posted by Picasa

Snuggling with Uncle Mark...he came home for overnight from Fresno just to see his family... Posted by Picasa

Lucy and Megan visiting Grandpa's clinic and getting to hold the kitties... Posted by Picasa

Yes... my turn!!! Don't squeeze too tight... Posted by Picasa

I don't want to give it back... Posted by Picasa

Oh how much Lucy loves those kitties... didn't want to leave... only did so with much protest Posted by Picasa

Caught Lucy playing in Bear's cage... cozy little spot when you know how to get in and out... Bear doesn't like it cause he can't figure out how to escape, like Lucy can... Posted by Picasa

It is fun to hide under the card table... Posted by Picasa

Helping Grandpa put up the lights for Christmas... or at least watching Grandpa do it... Posted by Picasa

Out in the front yard, playing with the dogs and helping Grandpa Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving dinner at the Wine and Roses Buffet with Great Aunt Grace, Larry and Cathy Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving dinner... enjoyed by all... Posted by Picasa