Friday, April 21, 2006

March 28th I flew back to Boston to visit Karen , Aaron and Beck.... I got in around 7:30 am. and we headed for Mul's in Boston before hitting the road for Mattapoisett Posted by Picasa

Mommy and Beck at Mul's diner after picking Grandma up at the airport... she took the redeye so she needed some coffee and breakfast Posted by Picasa

The weather is warming up... Beck loves it outside... Posted by Picasa

Putting up the for sale sign... hopeing it sells quickly... Posted by Picasa

Here is the little family... pretty windy day... Posted by Picasa

We made a trip to the Boston Children's Museum and Beck is trying to figure out what to do with those little sponges... we throw them in the top and they float around and around to the bottom...  Posted by Picasa

Here we are throwing boats into the water for them to float down to the other end.. Posted by Picasa

Mom and Beck pretending to steer a ship Posted by Picasa

This is fun... Posted by Picasa

Hey! Would you like a ride in my car? Posted by Picasa

Boy do I love steering this car Posted by Picasa

I'm just the right size to look out these windows  Posted by Picasa

Playhouse area... Posted by Picasa

Had so much fun trying to put these balls into the cylinders... didn't realize the air shooting out of them would send my balls flying...  Posted by Picasa

I decided to wear my food today... in the hair and everywhere... Posted by Picasa

We are on a trip to the beach not far from home. Beck loves wheels.... would rather be outside the stroller than riding in it... of course that means Jazz will run twice or three times as far as we walk checking out all the wonderful bogs and smells along the way... Posted by Picasa

I just love being outside Posted by Picasa

But I just want to play in the dirt... where are we walking to? Posted by Picasa

The long pathway to the beach through the Indian reserve Posted by Picasa

I don't know if you can see them but Beck dumped his sippy cup out in the stroller and got the seat of his pants soaking wet... right at the beginning of the ride in the stroller to the beach... therefore got to get out and walk and dry off a little Posted by Picasa

We finally are making it to the beach after a very looonnnng walk... Posted by Picasa

Oh Boy! We get to make an Easter card for Dad.... Posted by Picasa

What do you think Dad? I sure hope you like your card... Posted by Picasa

We had a fun picnic lunch at the beach Posted by Picasa

Jazz met up with a friend at the beach and we threw rocks for Jazz to chase after... Jazz loves the water and chasing rocks Posted by Picasa