Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friday Jan. 20 Karen lands in Oakland from Boston... after 2 am. their time... 11pm. ours... two tired travellers. Some of the pictures in this vacation segment were messed up in sequence by picasa... hope you can follow as they were entered correctly...... Sunday we stopped on our drive South for a late breakfast with Mark and Erin... in Fresno Posted by Picasa

Pals already Posted by Picasa

Saturday before we leave Sunday for the condo... grandma enjoying Beck Posted by Picasa

Beck with Uncle Mark... Posted by Picasa

Late Christmas and early birthday present from his sister and AJ... Posted by Picasa

Sunday evening Beck enjoying his straw waiting for food Posted by Picasa

Mark and Erin when it is time to say good bye and get on our way down the road Posted by Picasa

Megan thoroughly enjoying her strawberries in her lemonade with mommy and Lucy... at the Red Robin Posted by Picasa

Ah..Haa...let me at it...getting a balloon at the Red Robin after meeting up with Mike, Karen and the girls Sunday when we got down to Cypress Posted by Picasa

It's all about the balloon's!!! Lucy and Megan and Karen as we are leaving... Posted by Picasa

Look at me... I get to ride on Uncle Kev's back and go for a walk to the ocean.... Posted by Picasa

Karen, Larry and Kevin with Beck sleeping on his back... strolling on this beautiful Monday at Newport Coast in January Posted by Picasa

One of the many ocean birds seen on our beach walk... Posted by Picasa

Karen had taken the car after dropping Larry and I off to pick up his work vehicle... we finally after many weeks were getting it back with a new transmission... she and Beck went to visit friends... then because Beck had just fallen asleep called us to meet her here... for a shake and to let him sleep Posted by Picasa

Beck enjoyed looking through the glass table... both from under it and sitting in his high chair... enjoyed watching peoples feet and legs... not use to being able to see through a table... Posted by Picasa

Beck was sleeping well in his car seat Posted by Picasa

Tuesday was a gorgeous day...decided to stop and enjoy a shake... you can see the roof tops of some of the cottages that are being renovated by the State Parks to be rented out starting they hope by June first... Posted by Picasa

See how well I balance....spending more and more time walking than crawling... Posted by Picasa

Got caught red handed opening all the bedroom drawers... Posted by Picasa

Practicing this walking thing... getting better and better at it... Posted by Picasa

Walking as fast as his little legs could carry him.... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday we decided to start a very large puzzle on the dining room table....Beck wanted to "help" Finished it by Friday... all 1500 pieces before the grand girls came over to stay with their mom and dad Posted by Picasa

Guess who loved to find and push the buttons on the front of the tv....? Posted by Picasa

Laundry time... going for a ride in the laundry basket...  Posted by Picasa

Taking a walk around the condo with grandpa... such a big boy! Posted by Picasa