Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This was a great way to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary... Posted by Picasa

The name of our vacation spot... last two pictures got switched... Posted by Picasa

Looking out to the ocean from the lani... Posted by Picasa

Entrance and exit from the front of where we are staying for our week.. Posted by Picasa

Looking down on the scene from our lani... Posted by Picasa

Yay! We have arrived... they greeted us with leis... This Saturday just goes on and on... Posted by Picasa

Living area... kitchenette to the right and entrance behind me with another bathroom Posted by Picasa

Our bedroom with bathroom to the left... lani to the right Posted by Picasa

Looking out at the ocean from the beach... to Lani'i ... so peaceful Posted by Picasa

We walked around the condo grounds, our room was up above Larry's head on the 7th.. there are 9 floors Posted by Picasa

Our first Hawaiian sunset.. Saturday night Sept.17th Posted by Picasa

The view from our lani looking down on the pools.. fairyland... Posted by Picasa

Sunday morning the sun was coming up over these mountains ... the view off our lani Posted by Picasa

Sunday took this picture looking down from 7th floor the inside walkway, the base of the tall palms... Posted by Picasa

Having breakfast on the patio of the breakfast bar and pantry.. where people would by a mug that they would fill with coffee or other drink all the time they were there... interesting to people watch and also the birds would come and look at you till you gave them crumbs...  Posted by Picasa

Enjoyed walking through these botanical gardens and seeing lots of unique tropical plants and interesting birds... forgot my camera in the car so didn't get pictures inside Posted by Picasa

Stopped at Grandma's Coffee House for lunch on Monday... had a very good lunch and lots of atmosphere.. our rental car.. good ride Posted by Picasa

Looking down from Kula into the Maui valley of sugar cane and pineapple...Kahului off to the right.. where we flew into on Saturday Posted by Picasa

Monday we decided to drive around the West Maui... Larry said he wouldn't do that lane in many places...very tight squeeze a couple of times...Tomorrow is the Road to Hana and we will let someone else drive... Posted by Picasa

That's a long way down... on this very narrow winding road... Monday Posted by Picasa

This was the beginning of the Road to Hana.. Torch Ginger. Tuesday

This is called torch ginger... strange coming up amongst tall leaves... but they aren't the flower ... that is inside these petals that are actually a kind of leaf Posted by Picasa

Not sure what these are but they are lacy and beautiful Posted by Picasa

White ginger blossoms Posted by Picasa

The tree in the back is an African Tulip tree and the one in front is the rainbow shower tree Posted by Picasa

Huge vines climbing the trees.. drive said it is in the philodendron family Posted by Picasa

We stopped and the driver threw out a muffin and the mongoose came running... the guide book says they are considered a pest and have destroyed all of the ground nesting birds... sad to say Posted by Picasa