Monday, May 23, 2005

Here we are in the hotel for Mark's graduation weekend...."Two little monkey's jumpin on the bed".... Oops... didn't get the jumping part... or two of them, just the landing... Megan especially loves to stay in the hotel... Posted by Hello

Don't I look snazzy with Megan's headband on... this is the way you are suppose to wear it, isn't it? Posted by Hello

Oh Boy! We are at the hotel and it is fun to run down the long halls... Posted by Hello

Time to get close when girls are with grandpa... "the olden days" Posted by Hello

Dinner Thursday night at Spaghetti Factory Posted by Hello

Uncle Mark came over to our hotel for breakfast before Graduation... a little nervous... Big Day! May 20, 2005 Posted by Hello

Yay! So much fun to clap when everyone claps... but my binky was there because I was tired.... Posted by Hello

It's official! Congratulations Mark! Posted by Hello

I was such a good girl all through the ceremony and clapped every time I could, especially for my tall Uncle Mark... Posted by Hello

Yay! Uncle Mark, You made it!!! Posted by Hello

Grandma Betty and Robert Sams, made the trip all the way from Dallas, Or., for the big event.  Posted by Hello

Sorry this is a little blurry... Mike and Karen remembering back to when they both graduated Cal Poly-SLO. Now two little girls... time has flown... Posted by Hello

Proud Mom and Dad... our youngest has graduated College.... Posted by Hello

We decided to check out the dairy and horse areas associated with Fresno State campus...Grandpa talking about the cattle and helping Lucy to see better...  Posted by Hello

I sure would like to pet the cows but they are awful big compared to me... Lucy would say... Posted by Hello

Those cows are just as curious as the girls... want us to put some feed in the feeding trough Posted by Hello

Megan swinging on a horseshoe display at the farm on the campus... Posted by Hello

Here are the girls and Mark as we are headed for the Fresno Zoo... notice upside down glasses on our movie star! Posted by Hello

Here we are following the tiger footprints at the zoo in Fresno... Saturday morning... beautiful day! Posted by Hello

Whoa those elephants are BIG! And funny.. playing in the dirt and throwing it up on their backs.. soaking the grass in the water before eating it... Posted by Hello

One of the big treats of the day,thanks to Uncle Mark, was feeding the giraffe... up close and personal... what a long sticky tongue Posted by Hello

Uncle Mark giving Megan a ride when she gets tired of walking... Posted by Hello

Peek... Posted by Hello

The hippo is sleeping in the sun, keeping cool in the water Posted by Hello

Megan has found a very nice sheep to pet Posted by Hello