Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A good breakfast at Coco's before heading home.... it has been a good vacation... Posted by Hello

All ready to go celebrate Grandma MacRill's birthday at the Spaghetti Factory Posted by Hello

3 mermaids Posted by Hello

Let's play chess or just play with the horsey Posted by Hello

Testing the temperature of the water... ready to go swimming? Posted by Hello

One of the many beautiful sunsets over the water seen from our balcony Posted by Hello

Helping mommy clean up the brownie mixing bowl. Aunt Suzie knitting in the background Posted by Hello

Pacific Ocean waves over the rocks and barnacles Posted by Hello

Looking at the living animals in the pool Posted by Hello

Megan finding interesting things in the tide pools Posted by Hello

Mike and Karen and Megan and Lucy on the beach at Newport Coast Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Now you have to go back and look at the pictures I put up about my stay with Karen and Aaron and the arrival of Beck William Johnson on December the 22, 2004... This is the day I had to say good bye to them... Jan. 4th, 2005... Beck was almost 2 weeks old. Posted by Hello

This is my sister Susan and niece Isabelle Posted by Hello

Lucy waiting for some dessert... Posted by Hello

Megan eating her donut for dessert after Thanksgiving dinner and the wedding.... Posted by Hello

The Bride and Groom cutting their cake November 26, 2004 Posted by Hello

Before the wedding... Betty Jean with her mom Betty Waterbury before she was to become Mrs. Robert Sams Posted by Hello

This is a picture taken at the church when we were getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and a wedding... Grandma Betty's wedding... she is on the right then comes my grand daughter Lucy.. her mommy Karen Waterbury and myself Posted by Hello

These are my two grand daughters at Thanksgiving.... should have posted them before posting little Beck's pictures.... Grandma is mixed up....so we will go backwards to November of 2004 Posted by Hello

Mommy and Beck the day Grandma W had to go home....Sad day.... But go to Beck's web site to hear how much he weighed the very next day...http://www.beckwjohnson.com/  Posted by Hello

Daddy's favorite spot for he and Beck to just chill out and rock and watch the games.... Posted by Hello

Sleeping soundly in the cradle Grandpa Johnson made for him with all of the accessories made by Grandma Linda Posted by Hello

Looks like daddy Aaron is having a serious discussion with Beck... looks like he is listening... Posted by Hello

Mommy Karen, shampooing Beck's hair in the kitchen sink Posted by Hello

All snuggled in to take a walk around the block in the stroller Posted by Hello