Thursday, March 15, 2007

Conference in Yosemite March 9-11,2007

Yosemite Lodge...The view outside of our room... little bit of snow.... nothing like a year ago
Our place

Just outside the room you could look up and see this site!!! Posted by Picasa

March 2007

The deer were very tame and went about foraging for food...

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls Posted by Picasa
Merced River on its way out of the park The puzzle we worked on in the evenings... the deer went together quickly but that green stuff tooook forever!!! I left the puzzle at the front desk for someone else to (struggle with) enjoy!

Half Dome
We walked up to the base of Lower Falls Posted by Picasa

Yosemite March 2007

El Capitan
Bridleveil up closer Further away
Last view of Yosemite! Beautiful!
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January 18th 2007... Karen and Beck arrive

Mark and Erin came up to visit and celebrate a late Christmas with Karen and Beck...
Wow! Two big jeeps from Uncle Mark
More Lego's!!!
We left Sunday morning early and headed south for LA area.... Posted by Picasa

Vacation in January...

Celebrating Grandma Diane's Birthday after we finally arrived Sunday afternoon the 21st

Everyone helped to blow out the candles... and of course eat the pie!!! We then headed for the condo in Newport Posted by Picasa

January Vacation at Newport

Weeee catch the waves... ooooh the water is cold...

Ok Grammie what ya gonna make?
Put it there and I will knock it down Uncle Kev Posted by Picasa

January in Newport

Uncle Kev and Grammie played in the sand with Beck... bring more water Uncle Kev

Had to get in those hugs.... Posted by Picasa

January Vacation in Newport

Grammie got to come spend a night at the beginning of the week and we HAD to check out the pools... Beck is not big into pools... but

did get braver and braver the longer we walked back and forth on the steps... a little back breaking for the grandma's (but we didn't mind...)
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Fun in the backyard

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Playing in the backyard at Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen's house...
Let's go to the park... Angie is ready to go and the little ones are going to ride in the wagon Watching a movie while Beck gets some shut eye... do you think it was a sad movie?
Think Grandpa is on vacation... catching a few zzzzz's with Lucy snuggled in
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