Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It is Saturday October 7th in Washington. Here we are at Cousin Ed and Patti's farm and Grandma has taken Beck out to see the cows that have successfully had calves this fall... Posted by Picasa

Calling the cows to come get something to eat... Cousin Ed whistled and called... didn't take them long to come a running! Posted by Picasa

Two mommies and their babies... aren't the babies cute... but they don't like people too much.. ran back into the grass almost right away Posted by Picasa

Daddy introducing himself to one of the cows.. Posted by Picasa

Cousin Ed watching Beck's response to seeing the cows up close... they are really BIG! Posted by Picasa

Grandma holding Beck as we check out the cows and daddy gets another roll ready... Posted by Picasa

Daddy getting the cow to really stick his longggg tongue out and around the old bread roll Posted by Picasa

Hi Mom!!! Look where I am! Posted by Picasa

Sitting on the hood of an old truck in the barn..daddy standing by (Beck loves vehicles of all kinds) Posted by Picasa

Capturing the moment... Phil and Patti, AJ and Karen and Sue Posted by Picasa

Grandpa helping Beck climb the steps up to Great Aunt Susie at the Anderson farm... Posted by Picasa

Ed and Patti... at their farm... Posted by Picasa