Tuesday, January 03, 2006

December 20th... finally leave for vacation... stopped here to meet up with Mark as he wasn't going to be able to celebrate Christmas with all of the family... had to work up at Sierra Summit... too bad! Ate dinner here in Fresno and then headed on down the road... unaware of how the night would end up.... Posted by Picasa

Grandma and Grandpa had a very eventful trip down to S. Ca. Tuesday evening... after being towed from the Grapevine, where we lost our transmission, to Cerritos, where Mike, thankfully picked us up... we finally made it to our hotel bed at 2 am. Wed. Thank you Mike! Here are the girls...Going grocery shopping for some things we needed for dinner... Lucy, Megan and Angie... Posted by Picasa

Cousins playing together in the play room.. Posted by Picasa

Looks like a very special Christmas... around the living tree... Posted by Picasa

Everyone grab your plate and help yourself to something from the buffet Posted by Picasa

Wednesday evening Karen and Mike had her parents over for a very nice Christmas dinner! Look at all of this good food! Yum... dig in!  Posted by Picasa

Megan is very brave... climbs up on the rings, way high up! Posted by Picasa

Beck out "helping" Grandpa work on Mike and Karen's back yard Posted by Picasa

Lucy and Megan out enjoying the swings... Posted by Picasa

Here are Karen and Beck in the kitchen looking at his yummy cake, just out of the oven..."hot!" Posted by Picasa

Time out to play a little piano.... Posted by Picasa

Mommy decorated my cake... isn't it super!!! Posted by Picasa

Isn't this a fun tepee to play in? Love those wooden spoons to make noise with... Posted by Picasa

Swing ... swing! Out in the back yard Posted by Picasa

Mom with her birthday boy! Posted by Picasa

Oh Mom! I don't want to wear this silly hat!!!! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday to you! Dec. 22nd! Posted by Picasa

Haven't figured out which end to blow on this birthday blower... gonna need some help with that candle... Lucy and Megan?!!! Posted by Picasa

I've done this before... other B cake with Grammie seen on Beck's site... first a poke then a .... Posted by Picasa

Much rather mash the cake than eat it Posted by Picasa

The cousins celebrating Beck's birthday... love that Thomas the Train! Cake everywhere very little in the mouth!!! Posted by Picasa

Megan enjoying helping Beck learn to walk Posted by Picasa

Cousins in front of the Christmas tree...all dressed up to go out to dinner... Posted by Picasa

Nice dinner at Bucca di Beppo Friday evening.. yummy food... Posted by Picasa

Aunt Karen getting in a little holding time... someone else wasn't really happy with that ... Lucy didn't want any competition... Posted by Picasa