Monday, March 31, 2014

I was so discouraged with Blogger so switched to Flickr. Hope you are able to access it well!

Wed, March 26 Pictures

Pictures from today are available here!

Tuesday  March 25
Slower morning.

B and Mom made an apple pancake

Kids n' Action for a couple hours

Big kids room

Tables where we kept coats and I knit and had coffee

Back home for lunch naps and quiet time and school for B

More of our visit to the British Museum and the Parthenon Frieze

The original was destroyed by a bomb and so a number of museums purchased the pieces

This was one end of the British Museum as we got on the bus for  Paddington Station

Here we are on the train to Reading with tea and goodies

Sunday, March 30, 2014

As you probably noticed I am having a very hard time loading pictures and keeping them in order and so I have switched to a faster computer and will try to catch up... sorry for the delays and out of sequence format..This is now Monday March 24 and we are on our way back to London town after dropping the "littles" at preschool

This is a huge Viking ship that is displayed at the British Museum

Oar's on the wall

The beautiful interior of the British Museum
This describes the picture to the left

This picture goes with sword and writing it doesn't want to stay where I put it
Beautiful daffodils before crossing the bridge

Crawling up the wood worm

The other end of the wood worm

Summer house

Proud rooster with fluffy feet

More Vyne
The summer house

Walking to the manor

Cherry against the wall

Walking up to the entrance

 Sunday the 23rd

Playing in stick animals

Stick dragon
Walking by a waterfall and over the bridge