Monday, March 24, 2014

This Posted in reverse... please go to the bottom to begin the day with us... ;')

Balancing the teetertotter 
 A long day but we walked out of the park to catch the bus and saw a pizza parlor and had dinner then watched it hail and then caught the bus to Paddington train station and came on home.

Princess Diana's Memorial Playground that the little ones thoroughly enjoyed

Walked past this courtyard of different fountains up to

A beautiful Forsythia bush over a plaque of William Forsyth who named it

Walked into Hyde park all the way to the other corner

Decorations on the central gates

Had a snack and watched the guards march in front of the palace

Lots of different things are represented by this memorial and it is in front of the Memorial Gardens

Guard in front of the Palace

Directly opposite Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria 's Memorial

notice the different buildings next to each other

Walked through Green Park past lots of daffodils

Hanging by her feet juggling knives

Street performer

K and I got drinks for the family... we got tea

 We took a break and had a really good hamburger here before watching a street performer in Covent Garden Market. This balcony looked down upon the performances
B catching a famous black cab...

Lots of pictures of the war effort on the home front and transportation 's part

Looks like mommy is taking a break or waiting for a train

Train signs projected on the floor

And the little ones too!

Even the big kids had fun!

Getting to steer is the most fun!

Old train cars

So much to see and read

very interactive  and allow you to try out all modes of transportation
Then we walked to this museum

K and one of the four lions at the base of Nelson's Column

Something about water attracts the little ones...

More statues and fountains...

 Blue Chicken Called the Hahn/Cock in Trafalgar Square
Some familiar restaurants seen from the bus window...(out of sequence)

This is the Nelson's Column, there are four lions at the base and Admiral Nelson on his horse on the top

Saw Trafalgar Square and decided to get off and run around... the children ran around!!!

One of hundreds of busses transporting thousands

London town from the top of a double decker

Paddington Station more adventure! Headed out to catch a double decker bus

What a great way to travel with little ones... room to color

Grandpa and Grandma sitting across from the family
It is going to be a wonderful day as the sun is shining on us as we wait for the train

These are the "turnstyles" to get up to the second level to then go down to the tracks
Saturday morning and we are taking the train from Reading station into London A&K buying tickets for our transportation

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